And the winner is…

Tony from AZ!!!

In terms of “most votes” – Nasty dominated the competition with 3,455 (52.9%) of the votes. Seriously, the rest of you guys didn’t stand a chance. Because Nasty is a Really Cool Guy, he dedicated his winnings to Tony who – lets be honest here – totally deserves it.

Coming in 2nd place, EmmaLee‘s five o’clock shadow had 1,328 votes (20.4%). And Nicholas‘ Lindy Ruff came in 3rd with 681 votes (10.4%).  Nice work, everybody!

I’ve already ordered some Pretty Snazzy Trophies for our winners, the chocolate is sitting in my fridge looking all delicious (I haven’t eaten it!!!), and if Carp ever gets his aasen to the post office then all the prizes should be good to go sometime next week.

The rest of you non-winners will also be getting something for your participation. It won’t be Snazzy, but it’s still Kinda Cool! Please email me (zetterburger at gmail dot com) your address if I don’t already have it.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated! What a blast! I’m so looking forward to doing this again next year… hopefully the beards will grow wild and crazy until June and we will all celebrate with a big parade! Rangers in 2013!!! Until then…


3rd Paul Mara Playoff Beard Competition: “After” Pics!

Nasty: The look on his face says it all. Not only is the season over, but that beard is over with it. I need a drink.

CCCP: Wanna know why he’s smiling? Because he took this picture on May 18th. That’s right. He shaved his beard WHILE THE RANGERS WERE STILL IN THE PLAYOFFS. Boo this man.

Manny: The Playoffs were really, really tough on Manny.

Carp: Don’t mess with Carp. That’s how you get your head knocked off, son.
Also, extra points for the upper beard.

4everanger: He writes, “Damn, I wanted to grow it longer and bigger.” THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID.

Wicky: They grow up so fast.

Little Wegian: He morphed into Brian Boyle. Awesome! Video to come.

Lindy Ruff. I mean, Nicholas.

Noah: Solid effort, sir. Guh. Is anyone else getting depressed all over again? Where’s that beer I wanted?

BANJ: I don’t know what to say, man…

Casey: AHAHAAA! When I saw this, I laughed so hard I peed my Belly Band!

Alec Berg: He had a decent Boyler going for a minute, “but axed the bottom half in a drunken rage post-game.” Totally understandable.

EmmaLee: True, she can lose both her legs in a car crash and walk it off, but Playoff stress makes her hair curl.

Tony from AZ: I don’t really have the words here. Tony is one of the sweetest, funniest, toughest, most-loved, wise ass Rangers fans I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Keep working hard and kicking ass, Tony. And for prust sake, would you put some fucking pants on?

So here’s how this is gonna work, folks. I’ll put the poll in the next post and you can vote for Tony, I mean “The Winner” until the contest ends. The polls will close Friday, June 8th, at 5:00PM EST.

Prizes for the Top Three include:

And I’m pretty sure the losers are gonna win something as well. Because here at The Zetterburger, everyone’s a winner… even the losers!

Bits & Pieces

Hey, what’s that on your face? Well, turn that frown upside down! No one can see it anyways, under that massive hair-mask you’re wearing.

In beard-related news, Brandon “Underbite” Prust is clearly leading the Rangers in Beard Awesomeness.

But wait! Where did THIS come from?

Not to get ahead of myself, but that beard looks like it wants to fight Mike Richards. Aaand in conclusion, the Brandons are awesome.

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P.S. This! In which the word “heteronormative” makes it onto my 2nd favorite hockey blog!