A Zetter Burger… medium rare, please?

A few words about hockey, drawin’s, meat, and beer. And cats.

Although I’m still relatively new to the fabulous world of hockey fandom, I’ve managed to cultivate a pretty strong obsession over the past couple years. And despite living in Ithaca, a town with plenty of hockey bragging rights*, I can’t seem to find anyone to obsess with.

Enter the Zetter Burger! Now I have my own little nest in which to lay my hockey eggs! Will they hatch into squishy, delicious, marshmallowy awesomeness? Or will they be destined to become a mere secondary ingredient in a Nobody Cares omelet?

Since my hockey analsysis runs along the lines of “Khabibulin is a sweet name!” and “Glen Sather is a turd goblin!”… there won’t be much hockey analysis here. Instead I’ll be makin’ drawin’s of things I find hilarious, infuriating, and delicious.

I also plan to make drawin’s about things I like to consume – namely cupcakes, meat and beer. Disclaimer: If you are a vegan who doesn’t know a Ruutu from a Tootoo from a Cheechoo… just back away slowly. (Unless you are Oren… Hi Oren!)

Finally, my two cats might pop in every once in a while to offer their two cents. Or to ask for some Temptations.

Please enjoy!

– sallypants

*Ithaca is home to Dustin Brown as well as the Alma Mater of Ken Dryden, Joe Nieuwendyk and Gary “Turd Bucket” Bettman.


2 thoughts on “A Zetter Burger… medium rare, please?

  1. Great start. I never look at blogs, and I’m not sure why I decided to start with yours, but you could have a good thing going here quick.

    You worked Jabba the Hut, cats & temptations, and xenophobia into your first few posts. It’s an impressive feat.

  2. I LOVE your bio..it is hilarious and factually true! (fact and actually true, is factually a word?!) I was raised by a pact of wild lesbians too! in fact I think half of Ithaca IS a herd of wild lesbians. An incestuous cannibalistic herd..but that is the subject of another blog! I love your blog! It is very funny and clever!

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