Tomorrow I embark on a journey of monumental proportions! 11 days, 5 stops, 1,400 miles.

Stage 1: Pit stop in Ithaca to collect the first of my travel buddies, my mom.

Stage 2: Four-ish days in NYC to include: debauchery with comrades; hot dogs, baseball and fireworks at Coney Island; and Aunt Pearl’s 60th birthday party on an island somewhere off the Bronx.

Stage 3: Bus it to Baltimore to collect my second travel buddy, my pops. Spend quality time with the Heron Clan… which, if I’m lucky, will include freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and an O’s game.

Stage 4: Monroe County, West Virginia. First visit to my second home in six years! Looking forward to chile rellenos, canoeing in the New River, exploring caves, klondike bars, Rolling Rock, fishing at Blue Hole, seeing old friends… Can I fit that into two days?

Stage 5: Pit stop in the City of Champions and the Pirates. I wanna eat some local fare and throw stones at the Igloo! I’m still looking for a decent tour guide/drinking buddy/couch to sleep on.


Totally unrelated to my hockey alphabet, but I’m excited so I thought I’d post it anyways. G-J are ready for your viewing pleasure, will be up in the next few days whenever I can find internet.

Adios, muchachos!

One thought on “Radtrip!

  1. I have some Pittsburgh connections if you’re looking for a local to show you around.

    Also, can I hire you to draw pictures of my trips in the future? It would be so much easier for me to keep track of myself!

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