“Before” Pics: Part II

Here we are with the second installment of the 3PMPBC “before” pics! Here at the Zetterburger, everyone is a winner! Okay but seriously folks, here are some winners: 

Wickarello: Awww baby!!! Look. At. Those. Cheeks!

The (other) Little Wegian: How do you say "super cool" in Norwegian?

Nicholas: Why so sad? You've already got a pretty rockin' Lindy Ruff there!

Millie Vanillie: Girl you know it's true, uh uh uh, I love you.

Noah: Major beardage potential.

The 3rd and final “before” post will be up soon, so hold on to your pants. Until then…LETS GO RANGERS!!!

8 thoughts on ““Before” Pics: Part II

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