Great success!

The 3rd Paul Mara Playoff Beard Competition is now officially closed for entries. Thanks to all who sent in your gorgeous, adorable, hilarious, confusing (Manny?), and clean shaven “before” pics! In the next few days I’ll be posting the photos, as well as announcing some of the prizes.

In the meantime, here’s Puck Daddy’s Guide to 2012 Stanley Cup Scruff, in which we learn Shea Weber’s beard is the kind “so dark and terrifying that you would not want to meet in a dark alley.” Well, duh

Finally, a huge MAZEL TOV to our heroes, the New York Rangers, on their glorious victory over the Ottawa Senators. 15 more to go!


A Zetter Burger… medium rare, please?

A few words about hockey, drawin’s, meat, and beer. And cats.

Although I’m still relatively new to the fabulous world of hockey fandom, I’ve managed to cultivate a pretty strong obsession over the past couple years. And despite living in Ithaca, a town with plenty of hockey bragging rights*, I can’t seem to find anyone to obsess with.

Enter the Zetter Burger! Now I have my own little nest in which to lay my hockey eggs! Will they hatch into squishy, delicious, marshmallowy awesomeness? Or will they be destined to become a mere secondary ingredient in a Nobody Cares omelet?

Since my hockey analsysis runs along the lines of “Khabibulin is a sweet name!” and “Glen Sather is a turd goblin!”… there won’t be much hockey analysis here. Instead I’ll be makin’ drawin’s of things I find hilarious, infuriating, and delicious.

I also plan to make drawin’s about things I like to consume – namely cupcakes, meat and beer. Disclaimer: If you are a vegan who doesn’t know a Ruutu from a Tootoo from a Cheechoo… just back away slowly. (Unless you are Oren… Hi Oren!)

Finally, my two cats might pop in every once in a while to offer their two cents. Or to ask for some Temptations.

Please enjoy!

– sallypants

*Ithaca is home to Dustin Brown as well as the Alma Mater of Ken Dryden, Joe Nieuwendyk and Gary “Turd Bucket” Bettman.